Laptop screen replacement

cracked laptop screenDoes your Laptop screen hardly light up anymore? Has it become physically damaged similar to the picture displayed to the right? We can repair Laptop screens from as little as £80 & remember, we'll examine your laptop for free.

Just because your Laptop screen fails to light up, doesn't necessarily mean that the screen is damaged, it could be the backlight inverter which provides power to the Laptop screen to illuminate it.

Inverters are cheaper to repair than Laptop screens, you can perform a simple test yourself to see if your backlight inverter is damaged. Place your laptop next to a light source or a lamp & look into the screen at an angle. If you see faint images or text on the screen then the backlight inverter is at fault, not the screen. We can fix this & any laptop screen problem from our shop in Basildon. Please contact us today to arrange a repair or a free diagnosis.

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