Laptop Power Jack Repair

a laptop with a broken power jack If your Laptop is charging intermittently, or fails to charge at all then the DC jack (pictured to the left) may have become damaged. Your power supply connects to the DC jack & provides the Laptop with power & charges the battery.

Over time the DC Jack can work loose from your laptops motherboard, perhaps as a result of the power supply being tugged whilst it's plugged into to your Laptop, or if the power connector is knocked whilst it's plugged into the jack.

The Tuff Computer Company specialises in repairing Laptop power connectors & broken DC Jacks. Prices for this repair start at £45 & as part of the repair procedure, we will strengthen the Jack ensuring it's continued healthy operation for long after the repairs been carried out. Please contact us today if you suspect your Laptops suffering from a power connector problem. We wont charge you for examining your Laptop.

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